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Happy National Hot Dog Day!

It's National Hot Dog Day so we went to City Dogs in downtown RVA to chow down!

City Dogs is a local family-owned, family-run business with two locations in RVA. The flagship location is downtown and the second is in the Fan.

Their hot dog menu features 12 different styles of hot dogs that were inspired by the regional hot dog traditions in the cities they’re named after.

The most popular is the Richmond Original served all the day with chili, mustard, and onions. That was the first dog we tried and we were instantly hooked.

We also devoured the Original Chicago Vienna Beef Dog on a poppy seed bun loaded with mustard, onions, relish, dill pickle, tomato, and peppers.

We learned how to make (and EAT) the Philly Dog which is smothered in green peppers, onions, mayo and provolone cheese. 

Our favorite dog of the day was the Santa Fe Dog. It features homemade salsa, cheese, jalapenos, guacamole, and tortilla strips, all freshly made!

Next on our list when we go back is the Louisville Stag Dog with mustard and sauteed onions that are caramelized with Jim Beam Red Stag! Or maybe the Carolina Dog. It’s loaded down with pork BBQ and cole slaw.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can grab the Honolulu dog which, of course, features pineapple chunks with BBQ sauce and provolone.

The price of their dogs hasn’t changed in over a decade so at $3.29 a piece (the Richmond Original is a steal at $2.29), you can try a few!

If you’re not into the whole meat thing, you can also grab a soy dog and pile it up with one of their veggie options!

Check out more of their menu options here:

We talked to Travis Irvy, one of the owners of City Dogs about the origin of National Hot Dog Day:

He also explained to us the history of the hot dog: