Rolled ice cream has made it to RVA: Meet NarWahls Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream is the newest foodie trend. The trend started in Thailand but you don't need a passport to get it...just head to NarWhals Rolled Ice Cream in Carytown!

NarWhals Rolled Ice Cream is a family business founded by Raul Henriquez. 

He and his brother and cousin can be found rolling up creamy treats outside Zzaam in Carytown.

Grab a bowl of delicious Korean grill goodness and then head outside and finish it off with a sweet rolled ice cream creation from NarWhals.

Everything you get from NarWhals is made with fresh ingredients and your ice cream is made and rolled right before your eyes.

Whether you’re looking for a fruity dessert or something more along the lines of cookies and cream, they have lots of flavors you’ll love.