RVA’s Haunted Halloween

October is officially the spookiest month of the year and RVA is getting into the Halloween SPIRIT with tons of haunted fun. Here's a list of all our favorite haunts!

scary bayou skeleton

Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion

Fear is waiting for you! 

Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion is everything you’ve dreamed about…in your worst nightmares.

Haunt has 8  terrifying mazes, 5 intense scare zones, 5 new skeleton key rooms, and several spooky live shows.

You can also ride 20 rides in the dark while a blanket of creepy fog envelopes the park.

The mazes include Blackout, Blood on the Bayou, Cornstalkers, Lockdown, No Vacancy, Tollway Terror, Trick or Treat, and Zombie High.

The Scare Zones are the Cleaver Brothers Carnival, Feary Tales, IronWorx, Necropolis, and The Lair.

The Skeleton Key rooms are Break the Bank, Feeding Fatty, Frozen, Lip Service, and Mirror, Mirror.

The shows include Overlord’s Resurrection, Skeleton Crew, The Coven, and The Grave Walkers.

Get ready for a terrifying time!

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Eerie Nights Ghost Tours

Eerie Nights Ghost Tour is the scariest way to learn about Richmond’s history.

Guides, in character with special effects makeup and period costume, will lead you into the darkness on a walking tour.

At each site they’re share with you the totally true and totally terrifying history of the area and tell you all about the paranormal activity that has been reported in each area.

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Red Vein Haunted House

If what you’re looking for is fear, Red Vein Haunted House should definitely be on your list.

This haunt includes both terrifying indoor and horrifying outdoor experiences.

The immersive storyline, incredibly realistic sets, and extreme scares will keep you screaming.

The legend the attractions are based on includes murder, the paranormal, a coven, and creatures from the depths of hell so it checks all the scare boxes.

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Ghouls Ghost Tour by Trolley

Hop aboard a haunted trolley ride and head to the creepiest historic sites in Richmond.

You’ll be entertained by a Ghoul Guide, a ghost from 1920’s Richmond who will tell you the spooky true tales of each location.

You’ll be shocked and scared to learn about the Richmond history lessons that will feed your imagination about those things that go bump in the night.

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Blood Lake Haunted Trail

The name alone is enough to scare us!

Blood Lake Trail is an outdoor horror experience that is “designed to disorient, frighten, and entertain” you.

The main event is the Heart of Darkness Haunted Trail.

You’ll be chased through the darkness on hilly, uneven terrain surrounded by fog and the world’s most bloodthirsty and terrifying villains, monsters, and spirits.

There is also Z-Alamo, a zombie Airsoft range. You’re surrounded by zombies with no place to hide. Try your hand at saving humanity.

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Petersburg Haunts

The living may not be the only ones joining you for this ghost walk through historic downtown Petersburg.

There have been paranormal encounters during the tours and the haunting historical tales told by lantern by the costumed guides will definitely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

This is the best way to explore Petersburg after dark.

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Creepy Hollow Scream Park

Creepy Hollow Scream Park is packed with fear!

There are 3 different haunted experiences within the depths of Creepy Hollow: Scream Forest, Staple’s Mill, and Axl’s Fun House.

Scream Forest is an intensely scary walking adventure. They take you out in the woods…and leave you…with nothing between you and the creatures of the night…where no one cares if you SCREAM!

Deep within Scream Forest is the old Staple’s Mill where strange experiments were conducted. The horrors created there are still lurking within its walls…and they aren’t happy.

If you can survive all the terror within Scream Forest, you’ll find yourself in Axl’s Fun House, a swirling maze of clowns, mysterious oddities, and nightmares…

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Haunts of Richmond

Explore the dark side of the city with 3 haunting tours: Shadows of Shockoe, Church Hill Chillers, and Haunted Capitol Hill.

Shadows of Shockoe will guide you through the dark into the most haunted neighborhood in Richmond. Hear mysterious, tragic, and downright terrifying stories at The Old Stone House, Church Hill tunnel collapse site, Civil War hospitals, and more. This area has more than its fair share of reported paranormal activity.

Church Hill’s colorful past includes being home to a notorious Civil War spy, the birthplace of the American Revolution, and the oldest public cemetery in Richmond. Walking through a neighborhood cloaked in shadows, you’ll also hear about Poe’s first and last love.

On Capitol Hill, you’ll hear about the haunted history of the Executive Mansion, spirits in Capitol Square, and the great theatre fire.

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Den of Fear

Dogwood Dance Theater is transforming into a Den of Fear to kickstart Halloween.

Monsters, madmen, minions and more will be summoned from the darkness for a spooktacular time.

This is a haunted house in the truest sense of the word.

The entire attraction is entirely inside so you can choose a dark and stormy night to go get spooky!

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Haunted Henricus: Things That Go Bump in the Night

Experience an evening of spellbinding accounts and legendary tales as storytellers relive old English and Virginia Indian legends and folklore.

Join them by the fireside and listen to European stories early Colonists told as they recounted tales from their homeland.

You’ll harken back to a time when Colonists were living in a strange new land surrounded by danger, darkness, and uncertain peril.

The harvest is in, the night grows longer, and danger lurks in the shadows…

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New terrors await you this year at Howl-O-Scream. Once the sun goes down, the park comes to life with creatures hungry for unsuspecting victims.

You’ll weave your way through 7 haunted houses, 5 immersive Terror-tories, and 4 darkly entertaining live shows.

Terror-tories include Sideshow Square, Axe-Alley, Demon Street, Vampire Point, and Ripper Row.

The shows are Fiends, Monster Stomp, Night Bears, and Starfright Orchestra.

Haunted houses include the Catacombs, Circo Sinistro, Cornered, Deadline, Frostbite, Lumberhack, and Unearthed: Scarlett’s Revenge.

Under a curtain of darkness and fog, you can also ride your favorite adrenaline-pumping rides.

Get ready to SCREAM!

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Voices from the Shadows

Pamplin Historical Park is the site of a Civil War battlefield and a historic plantation home.

With the Voices from the Shadows tour, you can experience the park after dark as costumed guides lead you on a spine-chilling tour of the Park’s historical sites.

Listen to haunting stories from the 19th century as you embark on a hair-raising your by lantern light.

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Terror on the Farm

During the day Ashland Berry Farm is a picturesque pumpkin patch filled with happy families and the laughter of children.

However, once the sun goes down, Terror on the Farm is unleashed and things get downright scary.

There are 4 different haunts, Booger Woods, Demon’s Den, Zombie Quarantine, and Sorcerer’s Hollow.

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