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Richmond restaurant hosts ‘Wu Tang Sandwich Week’ to honor to group

Brewer’s Cafe is hosting “Wu Tang Sandwich Week” to pay homage to the hip-hop group.

A Richmond restaurant is celebrating the hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan by creating a menu dedicated to them.

Brewer’s Cafe, which is known for its warm coffee, sandwiches, and friendly feel, is hosting its first ever “Wu Tang Sandwich Week.” Select sandwiches on the menu will be crafted to pay homage to members of the group.

“Wu Tang Sandwich Week” will kick off on Sunday, May 6, starting at 8 a.m. at Brewer’s Cafe, located at 1125 Banbridge Street.

The proceeds will go to Richmond Public Schools.

Restaurant owners are urging customers to check out the hashtag #WuTangSandwichWeek on Instagram.