Faith on Fridays with Sheilah Belle | August 2 – 4

Sheilah Belle catches us up on everything from this past week and what to look forward to this weekend with her weekly segment.

Hey Everyone, I’m Sheilah Belle and this is Faith on Fridays!

A Virginia pastor is now facing backlash from his congregation after he publicly promoted a church sign that reads, “America: Love or leave it.”  Pastor E. W. Lucas of Friendship Baptist Church in Appomattox said during the Sunday service, some members of his church instigated a walkout because of the negative national attention his church has received.

A biopic on the historical mission of Harriet Tubman will hit theaters this fall, giving viewers a glimpse into the faith-led mission of the iconic abolitionist.   “Harriet” will take viewers on a ride through history showcasing how Tubman legendarily led slaves to freedom in America by way of the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800s.   In the newly released trailed, Tubman says “God don’t mean people to own people. “I will give every last drop of blood in my veins until this monster called slavery is dead.”  Look for the release to hit theaters later this FALL.

And Dr. Earnest Pugh is getting ready for his ‘OUTPOUR Live Recording’ set for August 2 at United Nations Church International on Cowardin Avenue in Richmond, VA. ‘OUTPOUR’ is not only a live recording, but will also be an epic night of Praise and Worship delivered by one of Gospel music’s most dynamic voices along with special guests and featured performers.