Milton’s Local presents their Devils Backbone Bratwurst

Beer, bacon and brats!

Milton’s Local has teamed up with Devils Backbone Vienna Lager to create a bratwurst. It doesn’t get more local than that!

Milton’s Local is a proud provider of all-natural meat sourced from 35 family farms throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

They’re named in honor of Milton Faison, a second generation farmer and grandfather from Emporia, Virginia.

They only source “clean meat” free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, MSG or artificial nitrates or nitrites.

“When you choose Milton’s Local, you’re not just choosing all-natural meat. You’re choosing sustainable farming practices that restore our land. You’re choosing farmers that don’t take short-cuts. And you’re choosing to treat animals humanely”.

Want to try Milton’s products for yourself? You can find their products at your local Food Lion, Stella’s Grocery in Scott’s Addition, Ellwood Thompson’s, Libbie Market, Little House Green Grocery, and Union Market.

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