Taste Test Tuesday: Shut Yo Mouf Soulfood in Petersburg

Yup, you heard that correctly...Shut your mouth.

That’s the name of this soul food restaurant located in Petersburg on the corner of Market and Grove. Just blocks away from Virginia State University. The restaurant is run by Katrine and her five children.

“I grew up learning shut your mouth, all my life. I heard it, my brothers and sisters, my six siblings heard it and anybody that caused any confusion heard it. Shut your mouth. That’s where it all came from, in honor of my mom”. – Katrine Nelson Bay, Owner.

Before her mother, Joyce passed away she had over 45 years of food experience and is responsible for majority of the recipes at Shut yo mouf.  When you come in yall…it just smells like home. you’ve got the music playing, it just feels like you’re in someone’s living room. Let’s talk about this menu!

“We have a plethora of options, from seafood to pork…This is one of our house specials…the hamburger and gravy dinner”. – Katrine Nelson Bay, Owner.

The hamburger and gravy dinner is served on a bed of rice with two half pound homemade burger patties. This place is the real deal. I MEAN THEY EVEN SERVE PIG FEET AND CHITTERLINGS! But that’s not all…

“Collard greens, we got a good ole shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles. We got it all”. – Mizzy Johnson, Owner.

I ordered the New Orleans style fried fish with cabbage, cornbread and my favorite…the mac and cheese. It was so creamy and good.

“It has approximately 7 cheeses. Uh, yes. My mom used six and I added an extra one to make it seven”. – Katrine Nelson Bay, Owner.

Well, I’ve got the fork here…so I’m not sure what I am waiting on.

Shut Yo Mouth said it’s their fresh food that separates them from the rest. They go to the grocery store every single day, sometimes multiple times a day!

“Everything is freshly prepared. There are no frozen patties. No processed food. Nothing out of the can. We pat the hamburgers. We cut up collard greens and wash the collared greens. No canned yams. We cut our on sweet potatoes. and snap the greens beans”.

I know growing up, my grandma puts fatback in her green beans and all that stuff but you guys do it a little different here…

“Yeah, I grew up the same way. Like mom where are the green beans? (ME nothing but fatback!) right, all I can see is meat. But we fix our food with people in mind that are vegetarians or vegans. There are no meat products in our vegetables”.

and they are still good!

“Oh, yeah they are nicely seasoned. But our food is so good, and I don’t want to see it go to waste and it’s looking mighty pretty over there…So why don’t you just shut yo mouth and eat”!

Alright, I ‘m going to keep eating now!

Check out their full menu on their website.