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Tequila-infused Ceviche at Maya Mexican Grill and Tequila Lounge

Pro tip: This is not on the menu but get the right bartender and they can make it happen.

What you will need for this tequila-infused ceviche:

Chef Maria tequila-infused ceviche
Source: Facebook
  1. TEQUILA! (Chef Maria used an Anejo tequila to give the ceviche a smoky flavor)
  2. Fresh salmon
  3. Fresh calamari
  4. Habanero sauce
  5. Lime juice
  6. Red onions
  7. Green onions
  8. Mandarin oranges

Did you know that the citrus from the lime juice and tequila actually cooks the raw fish.  Chef Maria says this is a form of cold cooking.

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